We Provide Whole Person Care

At Prakash Ellenhorn, we use a "best practice" model of care to provide services that address the “whole person” rather than a cluster of isolated complaints and symptoms.

We Provide Comprehensive Diagnostics

Clients receive a thorough and “whole person” diagnostic assessment, including psychological testing and medical, neurological, vocational, educational, family, spiritual and substance abuse assessments.

We Provide In-Community Treatment

We are a mobile team, providing services in the community, in our clients’ homes, or in our residence. Meeting people where they live, we are able to get people back to life more quickly than in office-based work.

We Provide Residential Care

Formerly a bed and breakfast, our residence offers support in a non-institutional, and home-like setting. Care at the residence focuses on the mind-body connection.



Prakash Ellenhorn is a private Program for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) team, providing comprehensive, individualized and multidisciplinary psychiatric and psychosocial services. PACT is the most widely tested model of psychiatric community care for persons with severe and persistent mental illness. It is endorsed by both the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill and the National Institute of Mental Health as a highly effective evidence-based treatment, and as a “best practice” in community mental health. Learn More

Please read our latest newsletter, Winter 2016: Dialogic Practices – Learn how Finnish technique helps get 80% of people back to work/school.

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